When: Jan. 14, 2018

Time: 10:00 am- 1:00 pm

Where: Molokai Arts Center

The basic principles of perspective are a cornerstone of representational art and must be understood if one is to make convincing drawings and paintings. Contrast describes the relationship between light and dark values and a skillful use of contrast and perspective can help you establish the illusion of distance and define the quality of light in your drawings and paintings-which in turn, adds more depth to your image.

About Ava:
“As an avid explorer of the world, I use art to shine a light on the issues that most concern me—namely, environmental devastation and extinction—both as a global phenomenon and as a hyper local one (regardless of location). My work often has a darker edge, but the subject is a very serious one and I do not shy away from exposing the solemnity of these matters.  Though traditionally a 2D artist (drawing, painting, printmaking), I am currently creating 360 degree exhibition experiences, incorporating sculpture, photography, and interactive art, to achieve the deepest impact possible.

In addition to being an exhibiting artist, I am a professor of visual arts at Hawaii Pacific University and an ongoing artist in residence at the Honolulu Museum of Art.  Through the Museum’s groundbreaking residency program, I work within underfunded elementary schools, designing art projects that incorporate core science curriculum. I also have the honor of being invited to be an artist in residence at the Moloka’i Arts Center and to join the Arctic Circle 2018 Expedition, an art and science residency aboard a 150 year-old wooden ship that sails around the North Pole during the summer solstice. 

In terms of the “bigger picture,” I would like to use art to create a visual and meaningful connection between extremely different and unique environments, on a planet that really isn’t so big. Though Hawaii faces these issues with immediate urgency, all living things on Earth face threats in the form of plastic pollution, extinction, rising and acidifying oceans, and extreme weather systems.

My ultimate goal is to be able to bring this awareness and this unifying message across the globe. One of honesty, of hope, and of galvanizing inspiration.”




Perspective and Contrast Workshop