Color Theory Workshop
Oct. 11 4:00-7:00pm
Molokai Arts Center
Molokai Arts Center workshops are generally small to give students a more intimate learning experience. John Wordin, whose previous Color Theory workshop was well received, will again be teaching another Color Theory workshop on Thursday, October 11, from 4:00-7:00 pm. 
In this three hour workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of color, a comparison of 2 color wheels (Joahannes Itten and Albert Munsell), what is contrast and how to achieve it.
A color wheel is an abstract illustrated organization of color hues around a circle-showing the relationships between primary, secondary and tertiary colors.
The Munsell color system, developed by Professor Albert H. Munsell describes color space specifically on colors based on three properties of color: hue, value and chroma. Incidentally, it was adopted by the USDA as the official color system for soil research in the 1930s. The Munsell color system is a means to visually identify and match color using a scientific approach. Albert Munsell was both a scientific thinker and an artist who wanted artists and scientists to have a system that made it easy to express colors in a concrete way. The result was a system that could be used across many disciplines.
Joahannes Itten developed an innovative way in which to teach students the basics of material characteristics, composition and color. He theorized seven types of color contrast which include contrast by hue, by value, by temperature, by compliments, by simultaneous contrast, by saturation and by extension.
Colored pencils, watercolor, oil pastels, and chalk pastels will be used in art exercises using different color combinations. Understanding the fundamentals of color theory and how we perceive color will help you see why different color combinations work and why some don’t.
No previous art experience necessary and all supplies will be provided by MAC and the artist.
Workshop fee will be $30 for non members and $24 for current MAC members.




Johannes Itten Color Wheel


Munsell Color System


Color Theory Class