They say it takes a village, and it seems that the Molokai Arts Center had more than that to help make the Soup ‘R Bowl a huge success this year—indeed, it took an island. The ‘thank yous’ we owe are countless, and each one is equally important. Words aren’t adequate to convey our gratitude toward all who helped us pull it off, but we’ll start with this:


The Molokai Arts Center would like to thank:  


All our ticket sellers, in particular:

Take’s Variety Store

Kalele Bookstore

Mana’e Goods n Grindz

Rachel Kalima

Molokai Acupuncture and Massage


Food and Beverage Providers

Joyce Haase for soup and dessert

Maricel Kanemitsu for soups

Barking Deer Farm  salad (Jaime Ronzello)

Friendly Farm  for focaccia bread

Kanemitsu Bakery  for dinner rolls

Corrinie Helm  for Iced tea


Our entertainment:

Chazz Alley & Isaac Kamaile

Raymond Hiro & Keaka

Tere’s Tamar`i & Company

Chamber Music Hawaii (Wind Trio)

Sherman the sound guy

Tania Will  for emceeing


Centerpiece providers (for sale)

Little Green Babies   Succulent centerpieces (Ashley Rzonca)  

Kathy Tachibana and Lil MacMillan for the luminary centerpieces


Supporting Organizations

Molokai Community Health Center

Veteran’s Center


Coffees of Hawaii

AkaUla School


Our food service volunteers

AkaUla School  

The Moki 7  

Mark Scott  for serving drinks

All of our volunteers (too many to list all of the names here, but know that we are so very grateful!)


Silent Auction Donors

Bennett Pottery  (Dan Bennett)

Beach Break   (Zach Zocher)

Something for Everybody  (Wailani Tanaka)

Kupu A’e   (Kala’e)

Rawlins Chevron

Kealopiko    (Ane Helm)

PoMahina Designs  (Kanoelani Davis)

Kapua U’i   (Tammy Dunham)

Na ‘Ike    (Mike and Nani Kahinu)

Uncle Perry Bachulter

Kim and Margaret Markham

Greg Kahn

Zena Wetzel

Carol Holloman

Pailani    (April Maddela)

Nohi Kupu Hala  (Valerie Dudoit)  


Malama Surf    (Tete Dudoit)

Hulalei Designs   (Lehua Greenwell)

Kanoe Dudoit

Amber Keoho

Uncle Kimo McPherson

Kathleen Mendes

Purdy’s Nut Farm   (Kilia Purdy)

Reni Bello  

Paula Scott


Bowl makers

Dan Bennett

Lil MacMillan

Elizabeth MacMillan

Gladys Stenen

Kathy Tachibana

Kathleen Mendes

Maricel Kanemitsu

Heidi Johnson

Amber Keoho

Misty Mollena